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The Right Thing for the community

As employers and good neighbors in the communities where we do business, we're pleased to help schools and local groups with fundraising efforts. It's easy: We provide car wash passes at special discount prices; your organization provides the energy, and you keep the profits! Just as important, our programs are sure to be environmentally friendlier than the parking lot car wash events you may have relied on in the past. How?

Unfortunately, such events vastly increase the bio-hazards posed by washing a single vehicle in a home driveway.

Think GREEN!!

Parking lot carwashes are BAD for the environment. They do this by carrying polluted runoff directly into the storm drains found in parking lots, sidewalk gutters and other outdoor locations. These drains, rather than connect to city water treatment facilities, feed straight into local bodies of water. At Soap & Suds Carwash, on the other hand, the water we use is reclaimed, with the excess diverted to the water treatment facility where it can be safely treated.

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